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All About the Brand New Samsung Galaxy S20

Introducing the New Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung recently released their brand new Samsung Galaxy S20. Of course, the first question that comes to mind is why did Samsung release the Galaxy S11 and then jump all the way to the S20? What happened to the S12, S13, S14, etc? Some say that the reason for this is because it was released in the year 2020, which makes perfect sense. It might also be because the S20 is a massive upgrade from the S11, mostly because it is the first 5G phone released by Samsung. While this phone is a far superior phone than the S11, the price of the phone is also much higher. So if you are ready to spend a little money on a new phone, here’s why it is well worth the price.

The Powerful New Chipset Under the Hood

The first thing is that the S20 has a brand new chipset called a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 as well as up to 12GB of RAM. To put that in perspective, most laptops you buy on the market today only have 4-8 GB of RAM, which runs a much bigger display than the S20. While it may be a little overkill, it only guarantees that all of the apps on the new phone will run with a smooth efficiency, faster than before.

A Camera on Par with a Professional’s Camera

While you may not be a professional photographer, the impressive camera features are sure to be a hit. The S20 boasts three cameras on the back of the phone which have much higher pixel sizes to help with low light photography. There is also a 64MP telephoto camera which is quite a jump from the S11 12MP telephoto camera. The megapixel count is also much higher and the aperture is much wider. If you decide to go with the S20 Ultra, there is a 100x zoom which is a game changer. The S20 comes with a 30X zoom which tends to be more than enough for telephoto photography.

Brand New and Appealing UI and OS Version

Android 10 runs on the Samsung Galaxy S20 which is currently the newest release of Google’s operating system. While it is the same operating system used on most Android phones, Samsung has its own overlay called One UI which is a very attractive design and is remarkably easy to use. This is the successor to the Samsung Experience UX and Touchwiz and has some very nice upgrades. Some of the UI elements are set to match the color of the user’s phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen Repair Process

Inevitably, the Samsung Galaxy S20 with all of its great features will get a cracked screen and will be in need of a screen replacement. The device has an Infinity-0 Display which is a full-frontal screen with hardly any visible bezel. While it is a very durable phone, accidents do happen and you will be looking for a quality repair shop to get it done right. iSquad Repair has been servicing Samsung Galaxy phones for several years and will get the job done for you both professionally and affordably. We also offer you a limited lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that your phone is being well taken care of.


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